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Cat Day Care Burwood

Book a luxurious holiday for your feline pal on (03) 9034 8487

At Catmandu Motel for Cats, we know it can be upsetting to leave your pet home alone all day while you’re out at work. We offer cat day care services to ease your mind. Call today to learn more.

Book Your Cat In For A Day of Fun

Your cat will love our cat suites and condos during their visit. Every cat condo and suite is completely private, so cats don’t usually see their neighbours. Each room is outfitted with a private litter box cleaned twice daily, beds, water, and food dishes.

Each of our condo unit features multiple levels with separate units that can be joined together for multiple cats; or your cat can enjoy a private room all to themselves! At Catmandu Motel for Cats, cats live large! Get in touch today for more information.

Cats live large under our care


Cat Day Care Burwood
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The Best Cat Day Care in Melbourne

Although most cats don't require quite the same level of socialisation as dogs, you might still need a safe, comfortable place for them to stay while you are away for the day or even longer. Cat guests at Catmandu Motel for Cats sleep in a beautiful clean high-rise kitty condo in a quiet stress-free environment.

We typically don't allow cats from different households to play together, but we do play with them individually and rotate them in our play area, so they get lots of stimulation.

We also have lots of toys, cat trees, an interactive cat TV, and beautiful large windows for hours of cat fun!

We offer hours of kitty fun


Cat Day Care Camberwell

We provide everything your cat needs to be comfortable

If you’re worrying about leaving your pet behind while you travel, let us take care of him or her in your stead. We guarantee to provide the same level of care as you would.

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