Luxury Cat Boarding in Burwood


Nestled away, right next to the Gardiners Creek Trail in Burwood, Catmandu is a premium cat boarding service, equipped for both short and long term stays.

At Catmandu, we strive to provide a relaxing and comfortable stay for your pet. We provide cozy bedding and soft blankets, however you are more than welcome to bring in any favourite toys or bedding to provide a familiar scent for your puss.

Choosing Catmandu means peace of mind while you travel.

Luxury Cat Boarding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

With years of experience looking after Melbourne’s cats, we take into consideration even the smallest needs of your furry friend. Every cat that is entrusted to us is given top quality, specialised care and lots of pampurring.

A personalised service for each guest.

Leaving your cat can be a very stressful time for owners. We allow you to come in and help settle your cat before you go. We also regularly update our facebook page to feature current guests so you can see your happy cat while you’re away.

You are always welcome to email or call us while you're away to check in on your cat to help ease your mind.