Terms and Conditions

Deposit Policy

All bookings require a $75 minimum deposit, or 25% of the total, whichever is greater. Bookings which total less than $75 are to be paid in full.

Suites are not secured until a deposit has been received, and confirmation of this has been sent to the customer.

$75 of each deposit is non-refundable, however can be held as credit for 6 months from cancellation date. Credits after this period are void. Credits cannot be transferred after a second cancellation. The difference of any deposit over $75 can be refunded, via direct debit into an account nominated by the customer. (eg. If a deposit of $100 was paid, $75 can be credited and $25 refunded, if the customer requests.) Otherwise the full amount will be held in credit.

Cancellations within 7 days of to check in date forfeit their deposit in full and are ineligible for credits.

The balance is due on or before check in.

General Terms & Conditions

We do not refund or credit for early pick-ups.

You must fully disclose any serious illness or significant care requirements your cat has before check in. We cannot board cats who require 12 hourly medications. If your cat requires a high degree of care that Catmandu were not aware of before checking in, we can and will refuse to board your cat.

Staff must sight an up to date vaccination certificate with you on, or prior to, check in. Vaccinations are done every year. Please check with your vet before checking in if you are unsure. Cats without an up to date vaccination cannot be boarded, and any payments against the booking are non-refundable.  We have the right to refuse check in for your cat if we feel it is not well or is not properly vaccinated. It is recommended that your cat/s are vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.

Coming in to boarding can be stressful, and may exacerbate any underlying illness your cat may, or does have. We recommend discussing with your vet if boarding is suitable for your cat before arrival.

Catmandu cannot accept any responsibility for any illness/death which could occur when your cat is in our care, or as a result of your cat having been boarded. If we feel that your cat is ill during their stay, we will seek veterinary treatment and medical advice. Any costs involved, plus a fee for taking them, will be billed to your Catmandu account, with balance due on check out.

It is your responsibility to advise our staff if your cat has been ill in the last month.

If your cat has been ill and has symptoms such as vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea or severe dehydration, we cannot accept your booking. 

If your cat does happen to pass away (don't worry, this is extremely unlikely) we will contact you or your emergency contact and vet.

In the case of emergency, we will try to contact your preferred vet or emergency contact to determine the best course of action. If we cannot reach your emergency contact to determine what to do, we will take what we feel is the correct and appropriate course of action.

Please flea your cat(s) 2 weeks prior to their arrival at Catmandu. If you forget to flea them then we are happy to do this for you for a fee. If your cat is found to have worms or fleas, or evidence of (such as flea dirt) they will be treated with a topical treatment on the spot. It is your responsibility to notify staff of any allergies when checking in. All fees associated with this will be billed to your Catmandu account and settled on check out.