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Suites and rates

Catmandu pride ourselves on our strict cleaning routines. All suites are fully disinfected with a veterinary grade disinfectant between each guest.

Our suites are spacious enough for your feline friend to walk, jump and stretch out in. Multi-cat families automatically acquire a twin or family suite.

Cattery Burwood
Cattery Burwood

Our corridor area means you cat has not only their room to stretch out in, but also a much larger area to explore and exercise in.

Cats are rotated one at a time (unless from the same family) for their own private play time. This area includes scratching posts & access to fresh cat grass & cat nip.

Cattery Burwood
Cattery Burwood

We have an inviting and cosy wood burner to keep all our guests snug during the winter months. We also have evaporative cooling and industrial fans for the summer months.

Cattery Burwood

We have a wonderful safety gate incorporated into our roller door-this means we regularly have it open to let in a beautiful breeze which helps keep Catmandu aerated and fresh.


Luxury Cat Boarding Burwood

Single Suites

Single suites which are big enough to stand in have two levels. The ground floor has their food and litter and the next level  has their bedding.

Luxury Cat Boarding Burwood

Twin Suites

Two single suites with a walk over section between so they can cuddle up together or maybe have a little time out from each other.

Excellent option for cats who need seperating for feeding time.

Luxury Cat Boarding Burwood

Family Rooms

Our family rooms are for 3 or more cats. They are large and spacious with loads of soft pillows and toys to play with.

Families of two (or even one!) are able to book these suites if arranged with management.

Luxury Cat Boarding Burwood

Isolation Room

If your cat should fall ill he/she may be moved to an isolation room so as not to put your cat or others at risk.


All rates are per night. This includes everything- food, cuddles, play time, litter, twice-daily (minimum) room service & basic grooming.

You are welcome to bring in your own food for your kitty if you would prefer. If your cat is on a prescription diet, you will need to supply this.

Catmandu Nightly Rates. Correct as at October 2022.
Cat/s Rates (total)
1 Cat $33
2 Cats $52
3 Cats $65
4+ Call us for a quote.
Bookings of 30 nights or more are eligible for a long-board discount. Call or email us for a quote!


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